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Should I Transfer My UK Pension to Ireland?

Ireland and the UK have always had a close relationship, with many Irish people often ending up working in the UK for long periods of time, thus building up ‘pension pots’ which still remain in the UK when they repatriate back to Ireland. Individuals are unaware of their options when it comes to these pensions…

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Should I Transfer my Pension to Malta?

The global nature of business has meant that many people move from country to country to either further their careers or to experience other cultures. This often results in individuals becoming expats (expatriates), i.e. residing in a country that is not their native country. Along this journey, an individual can build up various pension pots.…

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As featured in the Sunday Independent – Is it normal to face €2,300 fee on UK pension transfer?

OpesFidelio Featured in the Sunday Independent answering questions regarding UK transfers. Link to full article in the Sunday Independent Brexit and pension Question: I am a 54-year-old woman, who has 20 years of various pensions from working in the UK. I have been living and working in Ireland for 14 years. The transfer value…

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Have You Claimed all the Tax Relief You are Entitled?


During the discovery phase of the financial advice process,  we carry out a fact finding exercise in order to get a better understanding of a client’s current financial situation. This includes looking at income, saving, expenditure and everything in between. We generally find clients who are based in Ireland, either may not be aware or…

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Why a Company Pension Helps Attract and Retain Staff

Pensions have hit the headlines in recent months as it is quite clear that we are sleepwalking into a pension crisis in the not so distant future. With an aging population a growing reality, the cost of retirement provision to the State is set to increase significantly in the coming 15-20 years. The State pension…

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Tax Implications of Financial Gifts to your Children

It is well documented that the housing crisis has caused inflated house prices. This coupled with soaring rental rates mean that it is a struggle for a lot of young people to raise the funds for a deposit for their first home. With this in mind, many clients want their adult children to benefit from…

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8 Great Financial Goals to Improve Your Lifestyle

We’re now well into 2019 and we often find that the finances of our clients settle down a bit at this time of year. The madness of Christmas is behind us, and a lot of annual financial commitments have often come and gone at the start of the year. Spring is a good time to…

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Is Income Protection really necessary?

Income Protection is sometimes described as the glue in a financial portfolio. The most devastating impact on your financial situation is likely to be caused by a loss of your income, and the inability to replace it. Unfortunately, people lose their jobs from time to time. However inevitably what tends to happen is that these…

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What does Your Financial Future Life Look Like?

We hope that you have experienced the quiet evolution of our role in recent years. Going back in time, the role of the financial advisor was to help clients to identify gaps that they had in their portfolio of financial products, to find the best products to fill those gaps and to then put these…

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