Angela Morgan – United Kingdom

‘Nick and his team have provided advice to our family for over 20 years.  Initally advising our parents residing in southern africa and for the last 15 years my siblings and I.  The advice provided has resulted in a greater inheritance from appropropriate investment to efficient tax arrangements being employed and enabled my siblings to buy homes – which is what our parents would have wanted.  Thank you.’

Claire Morgan – United Kingdom

‘On a purely sentimental level, it’s been nice for us to have had that sense of continuity from our parents to ourselves, and knowing that you understand our background.  And we’ve managed to avoid those shark-infested waters!’

A & S Davis

“Our investments overseas have been handled for the last 20 years by Nick Reid of OpesFidelio (Ireland) Ltd. Nick’s attention to detail and personal advice has been invaluable and very professional, we would highly recommend Nick to those seeking investment advice from overseas.”


“I have known both Bob Reid and subsequently his son Nick Reid for the best part of 25 years. They have looked after my finances very well during both the upturns as well as the downturns and I feel reassured by both their professionalism and integrity in the way the conduct business and look after clients. They are not only business associates but I regard them as close friends. In the world of finance / business advice trust and friendship is paramount to an ideal financial close relationship.”

Lorraine Stanfield – New Zealand

“We were introduced to Nick Reid by my family, who has had financial dealings with Nick and his father before him, for many years. Since that introduction, we have been impressed with Nick’s knowledge, intuition, honesty and efficiency. He has provided us with superb advice and assistance. He has taken the time to understand our situation and financial goals, and has tailored our portfolio accordingly. We would highly recommend Nick and his team to anyone seeking financial advice.”

Valerie Goby – UAE

“Nick Reid has been managing investments for me for the past 15 years. I’ve always been happy as he communicates with me often and informs me of suitable switches of funds and I know I can contact him with my concerns or suggestions”

Charles Davies – Spain

“I have been a client for many years with OpesFidelio (Ireland) Ltd., previously Home and Overseas Ltd., and I am very satisfied with the service provided by them. It is really refreshing to work with a financial adviser who is truly interested in their client’s individual needs and preferences, and will go the extra mile to get a job done satisfactorily. Their professional and caring ethos allows me to highly recommend their services.”

Geoff Colclough – Philippines

“For a number of years, Nicks father handled my investments until Nick took over and during that time I have been extremely satisfied. The diligence that Nick and his team have shown has allowed me to enter my retirement worry free and so far with a sense of security for the future. Long may it continue.”

Hannah Demarest Lausanne – Switzerland

“I’ve been with OpesFidelio (Ireland) Ltd for many years and feel that they’re my friends and care about my financial welfare. Having dual citizenship, thus being a victim of double taxation and two totally different systems, I often need to request financial information in various forms at odd times of the year and they are always very quick to comply in the friendliest way. I really appreciate not only the excellent service, but the personal touch of actually having a voice and a face behind the signature. In a world of sharks I feel I’ve been very lucky to find ethical and competent people to nurture my savings and help them grow according to my individual desires and needs.”

Mark Collier Durban – South Africa

“I appointed Nick Reid as my financial advisor more than twenty years ago. He has always been totally professional in all our dealings, maintained regular contact advising of opportunities ,the market in general and listened to my requirements and changing risk profile to ensure my best interests. Our relationship has extended to friendship in view of his sincerity integrity and family values. I have and will continue to recommend him to expatriates in South Africa.”

Krisjan Gardiner – Ireland

“I have used OpesFidelio (Ireland) Ltd since 2009 when they were Home & Overseas Ltd, and I find them excellent to deal with. Rachel is great at explaining the different options available, and what products would suit my requirements the best. Everything is open and transparent so you know exactly where you stand. I would recommend OpesFidelio (Ireland) Ltd to anyone looking for good, managed investment opportunities”

Lesley Stephenson – South Africa

“I have been a client of Home and Overseas (which then morphed into OpesFidelio (Ireland) Ltd for ever – I am now 68! ). I live in darkest Africa and I am grateful to Nick and his team for their advice and prompt action when required. I should mention that I am investment illiterate so his input has been vital. His yearly visits very useful and confidence boosting. Our once off visit to a local safari park was great fun and I hope one day to repeat the experience with his family. I do wish them the best for the future and hope all are well.”

Eamon & Ita MacSorley – Singapore

“We have been clients of OpesFidelio (Ireland) Ltd, formerly Home and Overseas, since the 1980s when we lived and worked in the Middle East. Since then we have benefited from their financial expertise and judgement. Our portfolio continues to perform well despite adverse global conditions. They have always responded quickly to any emails sent with questions. When our children have funds available for investment we would have no hesitation in advising them to follow our footsteps”

Geoff Thompson – Thailand

“I’ve been a client of Home & Overseas, now OpesFidelio (Ireland) Ltd for over twenty years, I think. My relationship with the company began with a successful investment and the feeling that I was dealing with a trustworthy, friendly company that seemed to be on my side in terms of financial service and advice. That feeling and satisfaction with investments has continued and developed. I guess “trust” is a key word. I feel I have a friend in Nick Reid who will give me honest advice and opinions, who is open about commissions an investment might earn, and who always tries to give me personal service even although I am but one of many clients and certainly not the most profitable ! Having worked in the international advertising business I’m fully aware of the service business need (and the extreme difficulties it can sometimes create) , to make every client feel they are in effect the “only one”. You do that pretty well and I always feel comfortable dealing with OpesFidelio (Ireland) Ltd.”

Geraldine Dunleavy-Larkin – Ireland

“I and my husband have received excellent financial advice over several years from Rachel Reid of OpesFidelio (Ireland) Ltd. She is everything we are looking for in a financial planner, reliable, efficient, prompt and understanding and is extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of Global Wealth Management. I would have no hesitation in recommending her or her company as a result of the services she has provided for us personally.”

Mary Gardiner – Ireland

“I was introduced to OpesFidelio through a family member. I required full transparency with any financial choices I made, combined with the security that I was obtaining unbiased solid advice. Trust plays a big part when choosing your financial advisers. OpesFidelio (Ireland) Ltd have built a reputable business on the above values.”

Richard Cullen – Ireland

“I have been using the services of OpesFidelio (Ireland) Ltd for almost 9 years and their excellent and prompt advice has had a significant and positive impact on my Pension Fund. In fact at the start of the downturn their advice saved my fund from crashing. I plan to continue using their services into the future and have never hesitated in recommending them to others. Warm regards”

Brent Barber – Zimbabwe

“I’ve invested with OpesFidelio (Ireland) Ltd and its precursors since around 1992 – a period that confirms that the years are building-up. What has made Nick Reid and his team so different throughout this time is simply the level of communication received. It’s actually more than that, you feel that your dealing with people who care as much about your hard earned money as you do. Keep up the good work”

Anne & Bill Mervyn – Cayman

“We first invested with OpesFidelio (Ireland) Ltd (formerly Home & Overseas Ltd) more than 20 years ago, for no better reason than we had spare cash we didn’t know what to do with. Living overseas, it is difficult for us to find quality independent financial advice. Nick and his team have done their best to educate and advise us on financial goal-planning, and we have appreciate their level of personal service. We look forward to working with them for many more years.’”

Dan & Odina Nel

“We have been associated and dealt with ‘Home And Overseas’ (now ‘OpesFidelio (Ireland) Ltd’) for the past forty years. During this time we have always received professional and personal service from a business that can best be described as one who understands our needs.”

Mike & Fiona Lander – Zimbabwe

“We have received excellent service and advice from both Nick and previously his father for over 25 years, through thick and thin, highs and lows, we have been secure in the knowledge that our investment has received the best attention.”

Carmel and Eileen Roberts – Ireland

“We are delighted to be long time clients of OpesFidelio (Ireland) Ltd, formerly Home & Overseas and AES (Ireland) Ltd. In our dealings with them we have experienced their reliability and thoroughness and their friendliness. Our finances/pensions are expertly managed and no query is too much to answer and we are kept updated on our investments. We have recommended them to friends and relatives who are also clients. We look forward to continuing to doing business with Rachel and Nick well into the future.”

Tish & Graham Keth

“We should just like to say that we started with OpesFidelio (Ireland) Ltd many years ago with Nick’s father. Our relationship with both him and Nick, has been wonderful. Nick gives us consistently good advice and we are always comfortable with OpesFidelio handling our investments. We highly recommend them.”

A very satisfied customer

“I am a customer of Home & Overseas Ltd, which is now operating as OpesFidelio (Ireland) Ltd for over 20 years. I first came in contact with Mr. Robert Reid, the founder of Home & Overseas, in 1994 to solicit his advice on financial matters. I found his advice totally objective and unbiased. On initiating business with him, he came across as a thoroughly professional intermediary, always protecting the interest of his clients. In personal dealings, he came across as a delightful gentleman and engaging conversationalist with wide ranging interests not only in financial matters but also in fields like history, sociology and sports. We developed an excellent rapport, which is so essential in a client/intermediary relationship. I am very pleased that after Bob’s retirement, his son Nick has so ably continued the tradition of maintaining excellent communication with clients, offering objective and unbiased advice and providing prompt and personalised customer service. Over this 20+ years association, I am a fully satisfied customer of erstwhile Home & Overseas and latterly AES Ireland and have no hesitation to recommend their services to the new customers.”

Jane Badham

“OpesFidelio (Ireland) Ltd have been part of my family for a number of years (my parents before me) and that means I know that they will take care of my offshore assets and portfolio. The service is exceptional and they have always gone beyond the call of duty to assist, which is really helpful when you live far away from the UK and have to deal with an unreliable postal service. In addition, the at least annual visit to South Africa, allows for a face-to-face reunion and review.”

Colin & Una Watson

“We have dealt for many years with Nick Reid in managing our finances and his advice on investment in the U.K. has proved sound throughout. For a number of years when he has visited clients in South Africa he has always made a point of coming to discuss policy with us here in Hilton near Pietmaritzburg which is much appreciated and will certainly be seeking his advice in the future.”

Stephen Peters – Ireland

‘I have been a long-standing client of OpesFidelio (Ireland) Ltd, going back to when they were Home and Overseas Ltd, and have benefited from their sage financial advice tempered with an acute awareness of market sentiment. No matter how big or small the investment is, their attention to detail remains the same, and the service is not only professional but also tailor made to their client’s needs, avoiding the “one-size-fits-all” approach that a number of other financial institutions tend to follow.’  


OpesFidelio Ireland Ltd
12, Parklands Office Park
Southern Cross Road
Bray, County Wicklow

Tel: +353 (0)1 272 4130
Email: adminireland@opesfidelio.ie

We are conveniently located on the Southern Cross Road between Bray and Greystones which can be accessed via junction 7 of the N11.

This is ideal for servicing clients from the surrounding South Dublin, Wicklow and greater Leinster areas.



Our office is situated 20kms south of Dublin, just beyond Bray in Co. Wicklow. Take the M50 southbound onto the N11 then take Exit 7, the Bray/Greystones exit and follow signs to Greystones. We are on the right near the end of the Southern Cross road leading from the N11 to the Greystones Rd.


OpesFidelio Ireland Ltd is an Appointed Representative of Aisa Financial Planning Ltd which is authorisation and regulated by the

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